Thursday, 22 January 2015

Tips to shift your piano safely

Moving a piano can be a hard task, it is heavy and can damage easily. Pianos are difficult to shift and can cause unprecedented damage to your body. If you are planning to move whether to a new home or a new room, you should consider a specialize piano movers Melbourne.   

If you are assisting in moving the piano to another place, you have to ensure maximum safety and care. Below some tips to follow during the shifting process. If you are not sure about moving piano, always hire a piano removalists Melbourne which will advise and help you.   

# Protection: if you are shifting the piano or transporting it on a vehicle, cover it with blanket and protect it during the move. Ensure the lid is closed and locked and all the items on top the piano are removed.  

# Free access: ensure the piano is accessible from all sides and free access. Measure the piano and the size area where you intend to locate your furniture, it will guarantee that your instrument fit properly. Be careful and gentle, pay attention if the piano has legs, ensure that any movements you make will not bend or strain the legs.  

# Move slowly and carefully: moving your piano slowly is the best way to guarantee that your piano will move safe and without any damage. Be careful to shift your piano and make sure you will balanced the weight distributed to each person equally and take it slowly. During the piano moving it can unbalanced, in this case stop and rearrange the way the piano is being moved, take the process easy to avoid damages and scratches.  

# Moving by yourself: Be careful if you are planning to move the piano by yourself, it can damage your health. Only move a piano by yourself if you have absolutely security or you cannot afford a professional piano removals. The cost of the damage and scratched can exceed the cost of a specialize mover, so consider hire a professional before you try moving a piano without piano removals assistance. With these tips you will save time and money. 

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